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Learning That You Have Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is not anything I thought would be dealing with.

But yet here I am dealing with Invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC) breast cancer. The type of cancer I have is aggressive but thankfully it has been caught early.

I always thought that other people got cancer. Up to two days ago, I thought I had no family history of breast cancer but as the word spread in the family tree apparently I do.

Within a week, my decisions went from how to market my new travel writing business to do I have a lumpectomy or a double mastectomy.

When I met with my oncologist (who by the way rocks) , I asked him what would you do? He said I would go in a room privately, pray to God and come out and say I am getting a double mastectomy.

At first he said you have two choices. One you can get a lumpectomy where we will remove the lump and your breast will remain the same. I thought immediately okay let’s do that one.

Then he said your second choice is a double mastectomy, where we will remove both of your breasts. Now I have to tell you that you have an aggressive cancer called …………. (hubby and I decided not to tell exactly what type of aggressive cancer I have for family reasons).

As soon as I heard the “A” word, I said both of them have to go.

Then with that decision came being told to call the surgeon to tell her my choice and to try to get me in as soon as possible. Because of what type it is I am being told the surgery will be within the next two weeks.

Opting  for reconstruction surgery, I realized at 41 that I identify too much of being a woman with having boobs and am not quite ready to go without them yet. There are a lot of brave women who do and my hat goes off to them for having the courage to do it.

I also decided that I needed an outlet for me (It’s the writer in me) to talk about my boobs, this shitty thing called breast cancer and  how my family and I getting through it with humor and grace.

Here’s hoping that I will inspire women to do self breast examinations and get mammograms.

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