How To Make Your Information Products Stay Evergreen

One way to keep your passive information products producing like little money machines… Keep them evergreen – that is, always relevant and timely. But it’s easier said than done, when you’re not quite sure which subjects fall into that category.

The easiest place to start is by focusing on the subjects you already know. Then narrow it down to your favorites – and sit down with a notepad.

Make two vertical columns by drawing a line down the page.

Now make your headings.

One should be “Things That Can Change” and the other should be something like “Constants”.

Now think of your subject and jot a point form listing of these facets into the appropriate columns.

This way, when you’re ready to write your information product, you can be sure to focus on the “Constants” column – and cut out as many of the “Change” column (unless a point is crucial, of course.)

Evergreen Doesn’t Mean Bland

There is one danger to watch out for, when you take this approach especially if you’re new, and wanting to do things right.

Don’t cut out so much detail that you leave your product bland.

There is a powerful alternative to putting in time-relevant detail.

Instead, look for the juicy extra twist the fact about your subject no one knows yet, or talks about.

(Quick Shortcut: Your local library may be a particularly rich offline source.)

While it seems simple – it works well when it’s time to create reports or eBooks that will remain as fresh as the day you wrote them!

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