I Turn Worn Out Entrepreneurs Into Rejuvenated Souls...

Who Make More Money Sitting At The Beach Than Behind Their Desk Using Passive Income Strategies.

I have a bit of a knack for going into my client's business, shaking things up a bit to find out what's working, what's not  and mostly importantly why their ideas aren't shaping up the way they want them to.

Then I sprinkle in proven passive income strategies that will free up more time in their business and life. 

If you are ready to get instant access to generating new streams of income that allow you the freedom you desire, sign up below.

Rave Reviews

Sweet Little Love Notes From Clients...

Jenny Baader Holm

Jenny Baader Holm

So grateful for the coaching session I had with you, Jana !!!

I gained more insights during our 75 minutes of brainstorming, than I have in the last year of struggling to figure things out on my own.

I was amazed how you were able to help me bring a variety of ideas together in a way that allows them to happily coexist! Thank you so much!!!

Susan Stearns

Susan Stearns


Our coaching session was great!!! It was like I handed you a lump of rock and you chipped away at it, turning it this way and that and then Voila!

A diamond emerged.

I love the direction my business will take. It feels like a great fit and ideas are bubbling up, a list of contacts- teachers and such that I can consult with is forming...cannot wait to fully jump into the program.

Thank you!!

Cynthia Englett

Cynthia Englett

Jana is a true rockstar when it comes to removing roadblocks and gaining clarity in your business!

After only half an hour of coaching I have become clear on my next steps.

Had a major epiphany of how I'm blocking myself and found 2 new streams of income to add to the mix!

Thank you again Jana you are gold .

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